Truth or Dare 9x07

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AZstoner710 AZstoner710:

the hell do you meet friends like this?

Nutella Black Nutella Black:

Cool grup!

Summerlovin88 Summerlovin88:

My thoughts exactly

sami54534 sami54534:

I actually played this about a year ago except it was a little more intense. We had smoked some weed, drank some lean, drank some alcohol, and took some shrooms and then we played truth or dare. It was me and one other guy with 5 girls. It escalated pretty quickly to the point where I ended up fucking this girl on camera. That video is out there somewhere

s33dasac s33dasac:

the guys never got to mess with the gum chewing girl other than last dude asking everyone to blow him.Guess they either sensed her being uncomfortable or they felt the other girls offered more.

Soxfan14 Soxfan14:

That looks like fun.

fergy303 fergy303:

who woulnt want to lick that bush

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