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Venom0321 Venom0321:

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I would love to see you doing a prostate massage on him and putting his own cum in his ass at the and, like the DirtyLady videos!

myth1calz myth1calz:

holy fuck dude that is gay indeed

Kirito12106 Kirito12106:

That’s pretty gay tbh

Porn Killer Porn Killer:

wow, big tits! I like it

im_mr_hypebeast im_mr_hypebeast:

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thereisnonames thereisnonames:


SexyPufu SexyPufu:

I will consider this idea

pepelefrog2 pepelefrog2:

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RichieFrench RichieFrench:

omg you are so talented. How lucky is he !

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

Aww.. : )

azamatbagatovsko azamatbagatovsko:

I think you should think about a chastity cage

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

I really would need one!

arystargaryen arystargaryen:

Hahaha - but that would punish him - and he did so well in this Video … :-)

BBWPissQueen BBWPissQueen:

No guy will let me do this to them

joey69u joey69u:

ha, and no girl wants to do that to me...

worshipthekitty worshipthekitty:

I wonder how you acquired this skill... I've just started rimming my bf and I'd like to start this sort of play but not sure he'd be game...

FuckingFucker83 FuckingFucker83:

I had an ex who did the prostate massage on me years ago. Best cumshot ever.

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WickedWardennYeti WickedWardennYeti:

Excellent prostate massage. It was slow and gentle, the perfect way I would prefer myself.

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wow. what awesome technique, especially with the thumb on the frenulum. well done.

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SoCal74 SoCal74:

Oh yeah these are always good.

wrongwright wrongwright:

I wouldn't mind having this done to me. Come out to Taiwan? Haha....maybe I can find a nurse to do this.

francescoroma2017 francescoroma2017:

Libera quelle tettone, anche se in quel caso sborrerei subito

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Girls--slave Girls--slave:

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Eric3003 Eric3003:

Beautifully done and instructive. Thank you.

tommyjasper tommyjasper:

lucky guy

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Arkadiuus Arkadiuus:

I want that massage babe

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wow very hot cum, nice job

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Thank you, dear!

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Who isn’t?

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your finger's skills are amazing

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They’re better in private

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that must have felt really good

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jackinmystalk jackinmystalk:

Nothing sexier than a girl who knows her way around a cock! She looked younger than I expected at the end!

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Haha! Is it a compliment to look younger?

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was he peeing ?

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In the video? No.

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Mmmmm so sexy. That smile at the end! Would love to see your lovely breasts and cum play heheThanks for sharing!

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Thanks for watching! :*

SquirtingMaster138 SquirtingMaster138:

Perfect vid. Thank you so much for posting!

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Awww! Thank you sweetheart!

OmarTheThick OmarTheThick:

She wants to try this on me, but I'm nervous as hell

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Just relax

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Oh Yeah, Great idea, i want this in every country, in every big city ;-)

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Jenalluis Jenalluis:

Soft and sensual just the way it should be .

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

Thank you, dear!

bud953 bud953:

Hot video we loved it..really sexyyy..

Wilhelm88 Wilhelm88:

Oh dear god! I wanna feel that!

clitlicker7 clitlicker7:

Nice cumshot. I'd like a massage like that.

mpampis1977 mpampis1977:

amazing hot

olblueyes4300 olblueyes4300:

tits look familiar,,had to hurry this along

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Born5inner Born5inner:

Wow, you are amazing for this

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wpginterceptor wpginterceptor:

sooo lucky!

reviveron369 reviveron369:

So hot!

SexyMarriage16 SexyMarriage16:

What a great video!!

SanitGreen SanitGreen:

Holy shit...I need this so bad

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

I'm waiting for you

Myhappytime Myhappytime:

I want to play

davide021 davide021:

Can he do cum with two fingers in the ass?? I couldn't, a few days ago. My wife played maybe too much? But I am a brave man.

davide021 davide021:

What about him, you respect his wishes or you just do whatever you like? Be merciful. Sometimes is difficult to survive women's games, ha.

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

I make him cum whenever I want to

ben1551 ben1551:

Thi sis perfect!!!!

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

Thanks, sweetie!

BigMamaSenpai BigMamaSenpai:

super sexy love doing this with my boyfriend

BigMamaSenpai BigMamaSenpai:

Very Happy

davide021 davide021:

how is gone? He happy or..?


Ebony do it better

davide021 davide021:

Yes, I know it well. I like it

zeke_4454 zeke_4454:

so lucky

adventuresky adventuresky:

10/10 so hot. Pegging next!?

SexyPufu SexyPufu:


md871 md871:

i love it

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

He loves it too

mredrossi mredrossi:

I think the a prostate massage white he is in chastity cage could be the best

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

I will think about this ;D Thanks for the idea !!

ragnaroek90 ragnaroek90:

Very nice video

educatedCaveman educatedCaveman:

what i wouldn't give to have this done to me!

arystargaryen arystargaryen:

that is very hot - she is an expert!!!!!

SexyPufu SexyPufu:

Glad that you think so

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