XL Topher Michel Dildo Ruining Me 4 Little Dicks

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Pepper Sins Pepper Sins:

Holy. fuck. id like to say id wreck that pussy..but that would just be dishonest....

BlueP1e BlueP1e:

Yeah, really crazy video!

mj_porn mj_porn:

wow, what a great toy! I got wet panties from your video

AmelieLBJ AmelieLBJ:

wow that's a banana

Queen Ann Queen Ann:

WOW ! very hot girl... Many kiss sweety. Ann xoxo

YoungSter YoungSter:

as you, then get a subscription? Lol

kutasxxx kutasxxx:

When you put your dick with balls, both fist and forearms and she asks "are you in yet?"

SomeGuy022 SomeGuy022:

At least childbirth won't be painful

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

@darklink32 no, I dont use IG

Darklink32 Darklink32:

Do u have Instagram

ZzzzzIsNice ZzzzzIsNice:

i was thinking about it too

jayson752003 jayson752003:

ummm..not just tiny ones...that's ruining you for ANY sized human dicks

YoungSter YoungSter:

Hellgas Hellgas:

she should try a horse cock

bac4money bac4money:

hey just do some kegels and you'll be back to gripping regalar dick again.

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

& reverse all this hard work!?

patz001 patz001:


karas86 karas86:

Good god, the dirty talking pushed me over the edge. Amazing work boss~

Blaccim Blaccim:

you made me cum so hard

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

Thank you❤❤

pussydriller51 pussydriller51:


robinxc robinxc:

Please grow more hair around your pussy. It looks hot as fuck. Love and respect.

prettyevil prettyevil:

You are looking so lovely :*

RebelBully RebelBully:

This seems ill-advised.

analmaniak analmaniak:

Small toy

Miles0316 Miles0316:

That dildo has ruined you 4 any dick. A horse gonna be little from now on.

wolfboner91 wolfboner91:

and they wonder why we can't please them....

Elshabet Elshabet:

hotdogs and hallways explained

Wicked101 Wicked101:

AMAZING! Total respect for a woman who can conquer that dildo!!! Listening to you stretch your pussy with that bad boy was HOT AF! My pussy is very wet and happy!

Youngpharouh Youngpharouh:

okay fat pussy need fat dick i like that get with [email protected]

Kobayashi213 Kobayashi213:


Mia Plchik Mia Plchik:

sooo biiig

bobvilla1969 bobvilla1969:

"no more dicks for me...mmmh mmm...I cant feel shit" lol

starfish1994 starfish1994:

that pussy is wreck

dhl0105 dhl0105:

great video, love it all

Little Miss Kitty Little Miss Kitty:

divya369 divya369:

no one like you

dallasisblack dallasisblack:

When their pussy is this big, Fellas just do your best, get your nut and leave with your head held high.

rocksoup1968 rocksoup1968:

Omg that was incredible. What a gorgeous girl

Sexyladyboy2 Sexyladyboy2:

only means take multiple cocks at once and really get your fuck on baby

tunder_ax tunder_ax:

I was cuming so hard watching this vid! Really hot!

TNasty10 TNasty10:

Yummy...love how she rides

Nurses_Calling Nurses_Calling:

Are you pregnant?

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:


Swefan Swefan:

Just love to see how u destroy your pussy !!! Great vid

Sam Wilkins Sam Wilkins:

omfg. i cant unsee that

Darklink32 Darklink32:

I would fuck her pussy

Darklink32 Darklink32:

Your pussy is incredible

Swooooooosh Swooooooosh:

What is the girth of that fucker?

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

Circumference near head (rim): 8.50"Circumference at center: 9.75"Circumference near base: 11.25"

UglyAmerican UglyAmerican:

Loosie Goosie

djvoca djvoca:

mi video singando puta

Secret Muffin Secret Muffin:

wow that's impressive, I barely believe my tight pussy could take this

SirenSex SirenSex:

The biggest vagina I've ever seen

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

Check out Queen Helen. Shes Queen for a reason

Humblebush Humblebush:

This is hot, but like dammmm how long did it take you to build up to that,cause post cum thats just impressive not gonna lie

3rdEchelon 3rdEchelon:

well God damn, hell most of us couldn't where that thing been lol

lizbacoor lizbacoor:

Tight pussy is the best

SLS2017 SLS2017:

Awesome! You should let a horse fuck you.

Portmorecity Portmorecity:


jacks7715 jacks7715:

Shes been destroyed. Wouldnt touch the sides on this woman.


I love your [email protected] videos!

windelmatze windelmatze:

Die Frau gefällt mir sehr

razorramon1970 razorramon1970:

that shit was beautiful

slurmytheslug slurmytheslug:


KingOfBel KingOfBel:

god those lactating nipples almost made me jizz

TimboSlice420 TimboSlice420:

id love to feel how loose she would be!

ThinShow ThinShow:


AnarchoExhibitionism AnarchoExhibitionism:

very hot, great video

Dommo8189 Dommo8189:

Omg you wouldn’t even feel my thin little penis

watchutime watchutime:

Really hot.Love to see a real pussy in action.

Kyoka_Jiro Kyoka_Jiro:

just here to let you know that fucking you for any normal human being would be like throwing a hotdogs down a long hall way

divya369 divya369:

super power girl

MayNarain MayNarain:

damn! holy shit

thejeffreyfrye1984 thejeffreyfrye1984:

My 4 and a half penis wants to marry this stretched out whore so long she teaches me how to use other methods to make her wet so she doesn't have to go outside of me or or porn for satisfaction.

NoirKat NoirKat:

This is great, and suddenly I feel very..empty ☻


What a hole.

My_Little_Secrets My_Little_Secrets:


Lavender Grey Lavender Grey:

ThinShow ThinShow:

I go in there *W*

BigJH BigJH:

ayo hit me up on kik thebossof

aGuyCalledMatt aGuyCalledMatt:

Sliding into that would be awesome

mypornsecret mypornsecret:

That was hot! I think I'm in love!

gwo_zozo gwo_zozo:

Do you go live ? What platform you in?

littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

Sorry, I dont do live shows.

ZhongHuaJia ZhongHuaJia:


gwo_zozo gwo_zozo:


lonsdale1901 lonsdale1901:

Absolutely fantastic! Your material is so amazingly hot!

Herond Herond:


littlelillyfckslut littlelillyfckslut:

Me. I just go by my username/daddyslilfuckslut

ch3pe ch3pe:

In love

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